Oxer´s Journey

Oxer´s Journey
How far would you go to forget your first love?

Wednesday, July 5, 2023

Before and after "I am Grunm"


"Kundula, the planet of the toris".

Jelou! Recently I had to prepare the story of Grunm, a character from "Oxer´s Journey".

I want to share with you the sketches vs the final draws.

One of my goals is to tell the stories of the "Wupi People", individuals that achieve more positive things to their lives than negative.

One of them is Grunm, father of Razindel. In any case you have to wait lo know the details of their stories.

To begin with the "before and after", this is a panoramic view of a city in planet Kundula.

Not that I planned this, but the spaceship in the sky is kind of a dragon-fly. So for further drawings this is going to be the look of these ships.

For the city architecture I dran a lot of circular line, archs, rounded windows and towers.

The drawings are in black and white and later on I added a blue color as an accent. 

In this plot, Gnu, another character plays an important role. I drawed him as a K-pop idol.

Grunm and Ranzindel are albinos.

Thanks for reading.

Here you can read the comic: